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The LaDove Philosophy
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How we work, our capabilities and how we can bring your project to life.


We create winning products for professional, specialty and mass market brands in the hair care, skin care, body care, men's grooming, baby care, home care, and pet grooming sectors.


Responsibility to LaDove

We are an equal opportunity employer. We support human rights and encourage education, respect and culture.


Responsibility to Clients

It is our duty to consistently deliver the finest products and excellent client service. We strive to exceed expectations.


Responsibility to Sustainability

We are dedicated to furthering product innovation, material sourcing and production efficiences that will minimize our carbon footprint.

Client Experience

We view our clients as an extension of our family. Their success is our top priority.
Confidentiality policy

What you create is yours to share with the world. We will not use the success and likeness of your brand to further our own- unless you ask us to!

Innovative collaboration

Our clients are the first to see and access our market disrupting innovations.

product customization

Each aspect of your product is fully customizable to you based on your preferences, goals, and regulations.

open communication

We adhere to an open door policy. We believe excellent communication is essential for success.

industry trend reporting

We keep our clients informed and ahead of the curve on market trends.

we pledge


At LaDove, we understand the great responsibility of cultivating a safe and inspirational working environment. We pledge to conduct business ethically and responsibly. We have a responsibility to our team, clients, community, and environment. We are unified in marching toward the goal of providing the world with top tier products that are safe to introduce into consumer households, that perform to the expert standard, and that are sustainable for the environment.

The LaDove Process


By blending scientific knowledge with creative thinking we devolop tailor-made solutions that elevate industry standards and surpass customer expectations.


Our team of highly skilled in- house chemists harness their expertise to craft exceptional products. The end result is a seamless fusion of extraordinary performance and uncompromising quality.


We offer turnkey product solutions that include package design, selection and sourcing catering to your brand's unique identity.


Our dedicated Quality Control Team ensures that our products comply with global regulations. We focus on quality control ensuring increased product safety, optimized production processes, compliance with global regulations and more. We are ISO 22716 certified and Certified Organic by QCS.

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